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Upcyled Bunting

23 May

Choosing fabrics, whether it be for curtains, table cloths, cushions, clothing or just for sewing is a very personal thing.

It says so much about our tastes and personality and can leave an indelible mark others.

In the last twelve months our family has suffered the loss of three grandmothers. All very different and extraordinary women with their own remarkable and unique stories.

I have been lucky enough to collect some of their old fabrics, which I have kept with the idea of giving new life to these seemingly mundane objects.

So when my mother in law asked me to make some bunting for her little summer-house, I had a rifle through my fabrics and found a piece that had belonged to her mother.

It turned out to be perfect for garden themed bunting, the pattern being a mix of summer flowers and summer fruits.

I got to work cutting the triangles using my trusty Kellogg’s template.



I lined the back with a simple cream cotton and chose a bold cherry red bias binding  to bring the whole thing together.


I was quite pleased with the result and my lovely in-laws sent me photo of it in situ. I think it looks pretty good.

summer house bunting 3

(I’ll skim over the part where I made it slightly too short, simple arithmetic was never my strong point).

I have another couple of upcycling projects coming up using some of my own Grandmothers fabrics. I am still toying with ideas, but I think one may be a cathedral window quilt and the other may involve Suffolk puffs. These two techniques would be great for showcasing many of her fabric choices without needing large quantities of any one pattern. Plus this involves hand stitching which I love 🙂

I’d better get cracking then!



Pin It

8 Apr

After the high jinx of last weeks post, it is time to get back to reality  😉

This week (instead of meeting Jane Garvey),  I was in Ikea on the hunt for some pinboards.

The children like to collect mementos of everything from postcards to bus tickets to leaflets and photo’s.

They have a their mothers hoarding tendencies, so I thought it would be nice for them to have somewhere to put their treasures as a reminder of fun times.

Ikea had some perfect pinboards for under £5, so I picked a couple up with the idea of personalizing them.


Armed with my current weapons of choice (Glue and staple guns + bog standard PVA glue) I set to work.

Using some pretty butterfly paper we decoupaged the frame of the Livster’s using good old-fashioned PVA glue.


Once that was dry and trimmed I dug up an old net curtain with a fetching check pattern on it.

Cutting it to the size of the cork surface, I then staple gunned it on.

It was very satisfying.


To tidy up those raw edges,  I chose baby pink ribbon and using a glue gun stuck in as a border between the frame and the main part of the board.


And voila! A place for all of Livs memories  to be pinned.


With the Bo’s we left the frame alone. I found some fun spaceman fabric amongst the junk in my trunk 😉 . I used that to cover the cork.

wpid-20140406_153304.jpg wpid-20140406_164419.jpg


A really simple, quick make.


Silhouette Portraits

30 Mar

I stole this idea from my friend, who in turn had stolen it from another friend and so I shall pass it on for you to steal at your leisure.

Silhouette portraits have been around for thousands of years and they seem to be having a revival.

I found a really interesting history of the silhoutte here if you would like to know more.

The great thing about a silhouette is that it creates  touching memento of someones likeness with very little artistic skill involved (always a bonus).

I thought it would be a nice gift for Mum to create a portrait of her Grandchildren.

Here is what I did.

Firstly, and trickiest of all, I took a profile picture of each child.

I made sure my daughter’s hair was tied back to get a good clean outline, and that their chins were up so as to show some neck.

Next I printed of the pictures and the traced the outline onto some plain paper.


Once that was done, I broke out the black poster paint and filled in the picture, being carefull not to go over the lines. It would probably be easier just to use black card, but I didn’t have any, so I improvised.


Whilst that was drying I dug out a couple of old white picture frames that had seen better days.


I gave them a new lease of life by decoupaging some pretty paper over the surface and leaving it to dry on the door handle.


Once once my silhouette was dry I very carefully cut it out using a Stanley knife, attached it to some white card and popped it into my newly upcycled frame.

And there we have it.


This was such an easy make, in fact the most tricky thing about it was getting the children to stand still for long enough to get a profile picture of them.


Happy Mothers Day xx

Thrifty Homemade Easter Bonnets.

24 Mar

The Livster’s class are having and Easter Bonnet competition on Friday, so it was the perfect opportunity to get crafty again.

Paper plates and paper bowls cluttering up dark corners of my cupboards made a good starting point for  our bonnets.

I cut a hole in the centre of the plate like so-


And then glued a the bowl in the hole to make the crown of the hat.


Once the plate was dry it was time for the fun part. Decorating.

Because I only like “controlled” fun (I am a killjoy), I specified to the small people that they could use any colour paint except black and brown. Otherwise everything goes a sludgy colour. Sludgy makes me a bit twitchy.


Once the paint was dry, Liv had a rummage through my button collection and chose the blingiest ones she could find to embellish her Bonnet. She also chose some pink ribbon for tying under the chin and we glued the bits into place.


Obviously I had to get in on the act and make my own. I think I may have gone a step too far with the Victorian style ribbon ear flaps, but I got carried away.


Anyway, we both thoroughly enjoyed making our thrifty, nifty easter bonnets. We’ll probably tinker with them all week.

Give it a go, it costs pennies and is easy and fun to do. x





Guest Post From Ladybird Lab- Card Making

3 Feb

Today Mrs Blythin Makes comes to you via Ladybird Lab who are talking about handmade greetings cards.

I have never  attempted making cards before,  but having looked at their beautiful work I have been inspired to give it a go.

So without further ado I shall pass you into the more than capable hands of Ladybird Lab…..

Thank you to Hannah for giving us the opportunity to be a guest blogger.  The Mrs Blythin Makes blog has lots of great, inspirational ideas so it’s a real pleasure to have this opportunity to talk about card making.

As way of an introduction, our names are Tasneem and Alefiyah.  We are sisters who create handmade cakes, treats and cards in our Ladybird Lab – this is where all the creativity happens!  You may have seen us at The Creed Street Theatre, Old Wolverton Bath House flea markets and other local craft events.  We will be writing about card making in this guest post.

Making cards is easy, fun and can save you money.  It’s lovely to know that something you have created has brought a smile to someone’s face and as you can personalise your cards you can make the person receiving your card feel extra special!

card 3

Here are a few simple steps to follow when making cards which may inspire some of you to give it a go:

  • Sketch some rough ideas of  how you want your card to look.  We always find this helps, it makes the task seem less daunting and gives you  an opportunity to really think about what the recipient would like.
  • Once your sketch is complete you need to research and decide on what images and techniques you want to use to create your cards.
  • Many shops now sell craft items for card making and a wide variety of items can be brought from your local craft store.  However, it’s always fun to try and recycle and re-use things you already have and that are readily available.
  • You can print out copyright free images, draw your own images or cut out designs from gift wrap and wall paper.
  • You can use beads,  sequins, stamps, textured paper, glitter, ribbons and stickers to enhance your creation.

Mixing different techniques and crafty items will make your card look and feel unique.  Don’t be afraid to try new techniques, a lot of them (such as stamping and creating dimensional effects) are really simple but look very effective.

card 2

You can add a 3-dimensional feel to your card by adding form pads beneath layers to make them slightly raised.

card 1

Don’t forget to keep old cards you have received – you can recycle and re-use parts from them to create new cards or you can do what we do and draw inspiration from lots of your favourite cards.

Don’t worry if some of your earlier attempts at making cards go wrong, as this is part of the learning and experimental process, and the good thing is, that these can always be recycled!

Feel free to have a look at the Ladybird Lab blog and Facebook page to see cards we have created in the Ladybird Lab and to look at some of the card techniques we have used:


We wish you many happy card making times!

Tasneem & Alefiyah – Ladybird Lab



card 5

It’s Just an Occasional Thing….

21 Jan

Annie Sloan paint is quite pricey.

I have been a bit nervous of buying it and then messing up, but today I took the plunge and picked up a tester pot.


I thought I would give my occasional table a much-needed makeover and it was a small enough project to test the Sloany stuff.


Having got some advice from the lovely Tamsin at Eddie and Pearl and a man in overalls, I got started as soon as I got home.

A little bit goes a long way.  I watered it down to a single cream consistency and it was very quick drying, particularly when you blast it with the hair dryer.


After I had given it two coats and allowed it to dry I used a clean cloth to rub in some clear wax. I didn’t buy the Sloan brand,  just a generic clear wax at a fraction of the price and it did a beautiful job.

The table need something extra.

I had a dribble of black board paint that had been given to me for a project that I neither started nor finished. I decided that this would be perfect for the central disk in the table.


I can write a little message on the table now.  The question is what should it be??



Be a Blogger for a Day

10 Jan

I am looking for some interesting guest posts that I can publish over the next few weeks.

If you have a thrifty idea that you would like to share, a piece of making that you are proud of,  or a skill you could show in a tutorial stylie, please contact me.

You don’t have to be a blogger. Maybe you want to give blogging a go but aren’t ready to take the plunge. Why not hijack (within reason) mine and see if you like it.

Maybe you decorate cakes, or upcycle, or sew, or maybe you are handy with a jigsaw. Do you have thrifty ideas for entertaining children?

Thrifty gift wrapping, what to make with old coffee tins, handmade cards, jewellery.  You all know you have done something you can share!

The only criteria is that it shouldn’t be too long, no more than 500 words and have 1-5 photos. It needs to have an emphasis on some part of my tag line which is broad enough to cover most areas

If you fancy giving it a whirl please send me a message on my Facebook page,  direct message me on twitter or fill in the contact form and I can send you more details.

I would love to hear from you 🙂  xx

2013-06-06 12.06.15


Resolute in my Resolutions!

20 Dec

I don’t usually do new years resolutions.

When I do, they are never made with very much conviction.

But on Dec 31 2012 I made six. I numbered them, put them out there on Facebook and meant it.

1. Make

2. Thrift

3. Never spend more than I have to.

4. Learn something new as often as possible

5. Say what I think more often and bottle up less

6. Accept that you don’t always fit in and be ok with that.

When I set these down I had not decided to start writing and I had not really planned how I was going to achieve these vague, open-ended resolutions. But I did know that I was going to do it.

The decision to start writing a blog a couple of months later made sense as it covered all the bases.

At first people I knew and loved sort of looked askance at me, not really sure what I was doing or trying to achieve. In fact I wasn’t really sure myself and felt almost apologetic when I posted my early pieces.

I am a can’t do kind of girl. I have always tried to find reasons not to do things, always worried about how I will be judged and always assuming the worst.

Blogging has opened my eyes to the fact that, maybe I do have something small to give. That people are not as quick to pass judgement as I always expect and that I do have a voice and an opinion. It has given me a confidence in interacting with people that I had somehow lost years ago.

My world has opened  in ways that I hadn’t expected. I have made more new friends in the last 12 months than I have made in the last 12 years and I have re-connected with old acquaintances.

Weirdly coming to accept that I don’t quite fit has kind of freed me of an over cautiousness and awkwardness that has held me back in the past.

This year has been a tough year but blogging has given me a structure, a focus and forced me to be positive where I would otherwise feel stunned into silence.

As for learning something new as often as possible….

I have taught myself to do this for a start. Just working out how to add a link to a post was a challenge to begin with. But I have done it.

I have also learned that no one is perfect. Kirsty Allsop hit an all time low when she tied dyed pants last week.

Leather look jeans are not comfortable. I need to sit down more than I used to so wearing trousers that don’t allow you to do this is folly. Exchange for a sensible jumper.

I have learned that I am a very bad waitress.

I have taught myself to upcycle a Bureau and made over a desk for The Bo. I have re-purposed old bedding

I have made gifts of chocolate and roses and maps.

This blog won’t win awards or  change anyones life. It is not the biggest or the best but it is mine and I love it.

All in all I think I have achieved what I set out to do on 31st Dec 2012. Lets see what 2014 brings.

If you have taken the time to read, I hope you enjoyed it and thankyou for stopping by

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year XX


Tea Cup Candle

16 Dec

I found this rather attractive cup and saucer a few months ago and picked it up for pennies.


My plan was to make a candle with it, but as always it sat gathering dust whilst I mustered the time and the inclination to buy the stuff that I needed.

Mum and Dad had been sorting through the loft recently and this inevitably means that I get dumped with stuff that don’t want and will never use.

In the past I have been presented with in line roller skates from when I was 12, a calligraphy set where the inks had dried out and the nibs were bent and loads of A level art books, paintings and sheafs of paper that send my husband apoplectic and a bit Wicker Man.

This time though she actually found something I needed.

My old candle making kit. Every child should have one 😉


Not only was it full of wax beads and wick but it was full of old candles that I had obviously planned to recycle in the future (though I probably was not thinking 20 years in the future).

Because I am too lazy to bother with instructions and clearly arrogant  enough to think that I can do it without help, I just made it up as I went along. And it shows.

I took a cheese grater to the old candle of choice (blood-red of course) and grated the wax into a bowl. Having done this I made put the bowl over a pan of hot water and let it melt town to molten lava.


This is where it all started to go a bit pear-shaped. I decided that sticking a blob of melted wax would be enough to hold town the end the end of the wick to the bottom of the cup.

I hadn’t really thought this through. As soon as I poured hot wax into the cup it melted (obviously) the wax blob and I lost my wick, quite literally. Cue me poking around with then end of a spoon to try to re-stick it.

I eventually botched it back into position and tied the loose end around a spoon to keep the wick straight.


Once again impatience and an inability to stop fiddling got the better of me and I released the wick too soon, resulting in a sunken middle.


And because I hadn’t practised first, my poor sister in-law got a truly sub-standard birthday present.

Sorry Sis, hope the pretty lunch bag made up for it x

Oh Baubles!

6 Nov

Our new craft group had our first ever making evening last night.

We made Baubles.

Ollie Cromwell was not a fan, but he was a kill joy.

Winging it as ever,  we sat sipping mulled wine and staring at the polystyrene balls that Mrs M had kindly bought over.

The Balls were clearly making Lu anxious and she eventually had a mini breakdown exclaiming that she didn’t know what she was going to do with them.

Luckily Mrs M stepped in, and in true Blue Peter style with some examples of baubles she had made earlier.

She showed us a fab glueless way to cover the baubles which was quick and you also didn’t need to be overly accurate. Which suits all of us very well.

Essentially it involved carving ditches in your ball so that it was divided into segments. Some people went for 4 segments while others went wild and carved 8.

Once the ball was carved up,  we covered each segment with fabric cut slightly bigger than to size and firmly shoved the edges into the ditches, repeating all the way around until the whole thing was covered.

018 014

Once this had been achieved people could really go to town on the embellishments.

016 025 020

Everyone went home with a really lovely little creation. Even those who claim not to be crafty had something to really cherish.


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