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Suffolk Puffs For Little Princess’s

20 Jun

Suffolk puffs were the theme of our latest craft gathering.


Extraordinarily easy to make and incredibly versatile, these little beauties were so quick to create  that we had produced over twenty by the time the tea and cake was being served.

No longer content with just trying our hand at various crafts, our group has developed a social conscience.

It had been suggested in the past that we put our work towards charitable causes, and this project lends itself to all sorts of creative ideas.

Hair clips are what we decided to make.



Mrs F got in contact with Little princess trust. They are a fantastic charity that provide wigs for children who have lost their hair through cancer treatment.

To our amazement they got back to us almost immediately saying they would love to receive some of our work and they would ensure that they went to the  children they help.

And so our humble craft group has begun to evolve from a gang of women trying out crafts, drinking wine, exchanging birth stories and feeding a ceramic pelican with beer money,  to something that might actually help someone,  somewhere in a small way.

We are becoming a mini movement and quite possibly a force to be reckoned with.

We just need to make the hair clips first 😉


Flower Arrangement Shopper

4 Jun

I got The Gentle Art of Stitching by Jane Brocket for Christmas and I absolutely love it. It has got lots of pretty hand stitching projects with beautiful pictures to get the creative juices flowing.

I had a flick through and found some very simple fabric flower arrangements using scraps of fabric. So I decided to give it a go.

I started by raiding my fabric box. I try never to buy fabric as it is so expensive, so use old clothing and fabrics from bedding and curtains. Really whatever I can get my hands on. I found an old dress that I wore when I was pregnant with both my children. It was a bold flower print, with lots of bright colours. So I got snipping, cutting out some of the boldest flowers. I wasn’t too precious about how I cut them out as I wanted it to look fairly organic. I found a piece of yellow gingham which I decided to use for the vase. Once I had cut out and chosen all my pieces, I arranged them onto a piece of pink fabric and pinned them.

2013-05-09 19.02.49


I used some very simple running stitches and blanket stitches to attach the flowers and vase to the fabric.

2013-05-10 16.43.29

When I stood back I realised that it needed something extra, so I added a couple of Suffolk puffs to the arrangement, plus a few buttons and a scrap of ribbon to decorate the vase. This added a further element to texture and depth to the arrangement.

2013-05-10 16.43.39


A little tip for stopping your ribbon from fraying at the ends is to very carefully waft a flame from a lighter or match at the ends and this will meld the fibres together.

Jane Brocket frames her flower arrangements but I wanted to make something a little more useful with mine, so I decided to use it to decorate a shopper.

rummaging around in my fabric box again I found some fab stripey fabric from Ikea that was left over from some blinds I had made last year. I roughly zig zag stitched my arrangement onto the front bag panel and then assembled it all. And this is how it came out!

2013-05-15 12.21.43

2013-05-15 18.14.40



I am making all of my birthday and Christmas presents this year, so I think that this will be going in my pressie pile

Suffolk Puffs and Norfolk Broads

6 Mar


I got The Gentle Art of Stitching by Jane Brocket for Christmas. I am in love with this book. It is full of little do-able hand stitched projects. There is nothing I enjoy more than having a little hand sewing project on the go that I can pick up and put down easily without turning the house upside down. It also means I can watch TV.

So I currently one of these projects on the go. The Suffolk puff quilt pictured above with said book

This Suffolk Puff quilt is really easy to do and the stitching together of the puffs has been quite an organic process. It appears to want to be a table runner so I think that is what we will go for.

I decided to go for a pink and white colour scheme and raided my fabric box. All of the fabrics that I have used are upcycled. The lovely thing about doing this is that when people look at it they can identify things that they have worn in the past. A Shirt from Mr B, some of Livs old summer dresses, a couple of Mum’s old tops, some vintage fabric discovered at the back of Grandmas airing cupboard and a Shirt of the Bo’s amongst other things. It’s like building a little patchwork history of you family and friends.

I Cathedral Window quilt on the go which is also entirely made from upcycled fabrics. I will picture that when it looks more like a quilt and less like a big origami project.

In other news, we are all off to Norfolk tomorrow for the weekend to celebrate my Brother no longer being 29.

It looks like rain.

No matter! We are all very resourceful people. We have Wellies, we will find something fun to do, enjoy some good food, good company and plenty of Gin and Tonic.

It is also Mothers Day on Sunday, so I am hoping that the ladies can all get a break while all the boys cook up a storm in the kitchen and watch the children.

I’ll Keep you posted on that one!

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