Queen Bee

14 Oct

I had a very odd experience the other day.

It was like I had been put in a time machine and dumped in the classroom around 1994.

Unpleasant?  Yes, but also kind of fascinating. Like being part of your very own natural history documentary.

I had  to go to a meeting. That’s not the odd thing.

The odd thing is that from the moment I walked through the door I instinctively felt like I was prey. My ears pricked up and I could smell danger.

From across the room I noticed that two pairs of eyes had latched onto me. They watched me without blinking as I crossed the room and took a seat. I smiled at them and they continued to stare, with a nasty little smirk curling the corners of their mouths….and then they broke off their stares and whispered behind their hands and look back at me sniggering.

Every so often I would feel their eyes on me again. When I returned their gaze, they both just carried on staring for much longer than was comfortable,  with crocodilian smiles that never reached their eyes….And then they would whisper and laugh.

Natures reaction is fight or flight. Human reaction is that neither of those options would be appropriate, so sit still and grit your teeth.

It was a bizarre little game that only lasted a 10-15 minutes until someone plonked themselves next to me, blocking their view a bit and making me feel slightly less uncomfortable.

Some women just have a unique gift for being particularly vile without actually saying a word.

As in nature there was very much a dominant female in this pairing. You know the one. The queen bee. Everyone must laugh when she says something “funny” or agree when she makes a statement. Otherwise it is off with their heads! The other was a sort of cross between a sycophantic courtier and hyena.

Nothing much has changed since I was at school. There is always going to be a Queen Bee and her odd little courtiers/minions, whose sole purpose in life appears to be to make other people feel bad. Maybe Bee is the wrong animal. I think that Wasp is probably more appropriate as they seem to enjoying annoying, harassing and stinging people for no apparent reason.

I am big enough and ugly enough not to let it affect me. What concerns me is that my children are likely to come across this type of creature in the future. I just hope they are able to deal with it without getting stung.

The other worry is that they become this creature. If they do I shall swat them myself 😉


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